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Configure audio conference options

For admins only.

Company defaults set the audio conference options automatically. You may want to edit a conference's audio options, such as turning entry and exit tones on or off, receiving attendance reports, or playing music until the host enters the meeting. You can edit the conference at any time to override the options. The new settings do not take effect until the next meeting.

To edit the options after creating a client, on the Client Added/Edited Successfully page under Audio Conferences, click View Details and skip to step 4.

Note: The company settings and the audio conference's web conference-type may restrict the ability to change an option.

To configure audio conference options:

  1. Search for a client.
  2. In the search results, find the client and under Actions, click the Edit button.
    View example »
  3. On the Edit a Client page, click [+] View Audio Accounts. Find the conference you want to make changes to and under Actions, click the Edit button.
    View example »
  4. On the Edit Audio Conference Account page, under Advanced Options, click Conference Options and change your settings.
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  5. Click Save.

The following table describes the audio meeting options.

Option Description
When A Guest Joins/Exits

Play an audible alert when someone joins or leaves the meeting. Select Silent Entry or Silent Exit to avoid interruptions, Play Tone to play an audio alert, or Announce Name to prompt guests for their names to play a roll call.

Music On Hold

Prevent guests from talking to one another until the host joins the meeting. Guests hear music until the host joins.

Note: This option is set to On and locked if the account has Enhanced Authentication.

Prompt Host for ID/Code

Prompt the host for their Client ID and passcode to enter the conference. Guests hear music until the host joins.

Prompt Host for Billing Code

Prompt the host for a billing reference number when joining the conference. The host may then enter a numeric code using their touchtone keypad, which replaces the existing number, and appear on all reports and invoices.

Note: The host can also add a hyphen by pressing the star key.

Prompt Guests for PIN

Allow the host to track additional information about meeting guests. This information is included in the meeting reports available online and sent by email.

The PIN is informational only. The meeting ensures each participant enters a PIN, but does not validate the PIN. When using this option, you should tell your guests prior to the meeting what to expect. For example, you might want guests to enter their employee numbers or the last 4 digits of their phone numbers.

Abort Conference if no Host Joins  Automatically end the meeting if the host does not join within 7 minutes of the meeting start time.
End Conference When Host Exits Automatically end the meeting when the host leaves the meeting.
Suppress Prompt Selected (Legal) Suppress the legal prompt. Applies when prompting for Client and Matter Number fields. Enable this option to skip playing the min/max length advice.
Record Guests Name for Roll-Call Ask guests to say their names when they enter the meeting and records them. Select Play Roll-Call For Host to play all recorded names when the host joins. Select Skip Roll-Call For Host to allow the host to play the names later and save the recording.
Send Conference Reports to

Receive an attendance summary after every meeting.

Note: This option is set to On and locked if the account has Enhanced Authentication.

Record Client # / Record Matter #

Prompt the host to input the Client # and/or Matter # to join the conference. 

These numbers are included in meeting reports and on customer billing as the billing code. Select an option and then enter the min/max lengths. Client and/or matter number override the billing reference code, if entered.

Download Recording Files to Portal Make recordings available through the Admin Portal and My Meeting Hub.
Extend Recording Playback Make recordings accessible for 180 days.
Listen Only Create a listen-only audio conference account. People who join with the guest passcode are muted and cannot be unmuted by the host.
No Caller Count Suppress the prompt, “When you hear the tone, you will be the nth person to join the meeting.”
*22 Block Recording Disable recording for the audio conference account.
Dial Out Allow the host to dial out from the meeting.
Secure Touch Enable a set of audio conference options for added security:
  • Announce Name on entry/exit
  • Music on Hold
  • Roll-Call
  • Validate Moderator (Prompt Host for ID/Code)
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