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Set up Enhanced Authentication

For admins only.

Enhanced Authentication (EA) is an additional level of security that helps prevent fraudulent use of audio accounts in high-risk locations like Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

If you need local access numbers, ITFS access numbers, or both in any of these countries, you must use Enhanced Authentication. EA enables:

  • New randomly generated 10-digit passcodes for hosts and guests
  • Music on hold in the conference until the host joins
  • Post-conference reports sent by email to the host

To enable Enhanced Authentication:

  1. Search for a client.
  2. In the search results, find the client and under Actions, click the Edit button.
  3. View example »
  4. On the Edit a Client page, under Audio Accounts, click [+] View Audio Accounts. Find the conference you want to make changes to and under Actions, click the Edit button.
    View example »
  5. On the Edit Audio Conference Account page, under Conference Info and Passcodes next to Enhanced Authentication select Enable.
    View example »
  6. Click Save.

    When finished, a success page displays key details about the client. Click Send Confirmation Email for All Conferences to send the client the new passcodes.

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