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Create a client based on an existing one

For admins only.

Copy a client to create a new client with the same site and settings as the existing one, including the web room, audio accounts, or both. Enter the new client's profile information, address, and billing details, if you want.

To copy a client:

  1. Search for a client.
  2. In the search results, find the client you want to duplicate and under Actions, click the Copy button.
    View example »
  3. On the Copy a Client page, under Profile, enter the client’s email address and other contact details.
    View example »
  4. Click [+] Address and enter the client’s physical address.
    View example »
  5. Click Save. The Admin Portal creates the client, provisions the services, and sends a welcome email.

    When finished, a success page displays key details about the new client. Next to audio, click View Details to review and confirm that settings are correct.

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