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Create an audio-only client

If your company purchased GlobalMeet Collaboration, only Provider Admins and Global Admins can add audio-only clients. By default, new clients for these companies are provisioned with a meeting room and associated audio conference. 

The site you assign a client controls the Admin Portal URL they use and their default audio conference settings.

Note: Make sure you have the client's email address. This is their login ID for the Admin Portal.

To add a new audio-only client:

  1. On the Administration menu, select Client Management > Add a Client
  2. On the Add a Client page, under Profile, assign the client to a site. The site sets the Admin Portal URL for the account.

    If you are a Hub Group Admin or CCA, you must select a site. CCAs must also select a company.

    Note: If you are a Hub Admin, both company and site are already selected.

    View example »
  3. Leave Hub Moderator (a meeting host) as the user type, or select an admin level for the client.
  4. Enter the client’s email address and other contact details.
  5. Click [+] Address and enter the client’s physical address.
    View example »
  6. Optional. Click [+] Billing Information and define default billing, reporting codes, or both to include in all meeting reports for the client.
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  7. Click [+] Products to provision the meeting service, and then select Select this client's products to be provisioned.
  8. For audio account type:
    • If your company has licensed GlobalMeet Web HD Audio for meetings, select GlobalMeet Audio.
    • Otherwise, select GlobalMeet Audio NA.
  9. For the web conference type, select Audio Only.
    View example »
  10. Click Save. The Admin Portal creates the client, provisions the services, and sends a welcome email.

    When finished, a success page displays key details about the new client. Under Audio Conferences, click View Details to confirm that the settings are correct.

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