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Create an audio-only client

If your company purchased GlobalMeet Collaboration, only Provider Admins and Global Admins can add audio-only clients. By default, new clients for these companies are provisioned with a meeting room and associated audio conference. 

The site you assign a client controls the Admin Portal URL they use and their default audio conference settings.

Note: Make sure you have the client's email address. This is their login ID for the Admin Portal.

To add a new audio-only client:

  1. On the Administration menu, select Client Management > Add a Client
  2. On the Add a Client page, under Profile, assign the client to a site. The site sets the Admin Portal URL for the account.

    If you are a Hub Group Admin or CCA, you must select a site. CCAs must also select a company.

    Note: If you are a Hub Admin, both company and site are already selected.


  3. Leave Hub Moderator (a meeting host) as the user type, or select an admin level for the client.
  4. Enter the client’s email address and other contact details.
  5. Click [+] Address and enter the client’s physical address.


  6. Optional. Click [+] Billing Information and define default billing, reporting codes, or both to include in all meeting reports for the client.


  7. Click [+] Products to provision the meeting service, and then select Select this client's products to be provisioned.
  8. For audio account type:
    • If your company has licensed GlobalMeet Web HD Audio for meetings, select GlobalMeet Audio.
    • Otherwise, select GlobalMeet Audio NA.
  9. For the web conference type, select Audio Only.


  10. Click Save. The Admin Portal creates the client, provisions the services, and sends a welcome email.

    When finished, a success page displays key details about the new client. Under Audio Conferences, click View Details to confirm that the settings are correct.

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