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Manage sign-up requests

For admins only.

If your company accepts new client requests by clicking Sign Up button on the Login page of the Admin Portal or My Meeting Hub, then completed applications are sent to a request queue in the Admin Portal.

Any admin assigned to a site can review the applications and create new clients. Applications are associated with specific sites (each Admin Portal or My Meeting Hub portal is associated with a site – https://<sitename>

To approve or deny sign-up requests:

  1. On the Administration menu, select Account Request Queue.
  2. On the Account Request Queue page, select a site. If you are a CCA, select a company.

    Note: If you are a Hub Admin, both company and site are already selected.


  3. Click Search Requests.
  4. In the search results, find the requester you want to manage and under Actions, select one of the following:
    • Approve to create the new client.
    • Deny to remove the pending client request from the queue.


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