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Search for a client

For admins only.

To copy, edit, or delete a client or resend their account details, you must first search for a client. You can search by first name, last name, or both. You can also search by client ID, email address, external ID, billing reference number, special info, conference ID, or host passcode. 

You can search by first name, last name, or both for clients whose names “start with” the two (or more) characters you enter. For example, a search for first names that start with “Jo” would return clients with the names, Joan, Joanne, Joe, John, Joseph, etc.

If you are a hub group admin or higher, you can limit your search to a specific site or search across all sites to which you are assigned.

You can also search for deleted clients.

To search for a client:

  1. On the Search menu, select Search for a Client.
  2. On the Client Management page, select the search criteria and enter the appropriate information.
  3. Click Search Clients.


  4. In the search results, find the client and use the Action buttons to email the client their account details, copy the client, edit the client, or delete the client.


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