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Change the meeting title or URL

You can change the meeting room title or meeting room name (URL) at any time. The meeting title and meeting room name display in meeting invitations.  The new settings do not take effect until the host starts their next meeting.

Note: If the host sent meeting invitations with the old meeting room URL, remind them to resend the invitations with the updated URL.

To change the meeting room title and URL:

  1. Search for a client.
  2. In the search results, find the client under Actions, click the Edit button.


  3. On the Edit a Client page, click [+] View Web Meeting Rooms. Find the meeting room you want to make changes to and click the Edit button. 


  4. On the Edit an Always Available Meeting Room page, enter a new meeting title. Enter a new meeting name to change the meeting URL.


  5. Click Save.

    When finished, a success page displays key details about the meeting room. Under Web Rooms, click Send Email to send a welcome email with the new meeting URL to the client.

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