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Enable GlobalMeet VRC

GlobalMeet Video Room Connector (VRC) is an optional paid add-on feature that lets guests participate in a meeting from their video conferencing room systems. Video room participants can join a meeting using SIP or H.323 protocol (depending on their video room system).

In the Advanced Options, select Video Room Connector to set up the SIP and H.323 connectivity to the meeting room. The VRC server is similar to the regional meeting room server: meeting rooms with VRC use the regional VRC server specified for the site on which they are hosted. You can change this if needed.

To set up GlobalMeet VRC:

  1. Search for a client.
  2. In the search results, find the client and under Actions, click the Edit button.
    View example »
  3. On the Edit a Client page, click [+] View Web Meeting Rooms. Find the meeting room you want to make changes to and click the Edit button.
    View example »
  4. On the Edit an Always Available Meeting Room page, under Advanced Options, select Video Room Connector.
    View example »
  5. Click Save.
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