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Access meeting recordings

Note: GlobalMeet® Collaboration meeting recordings are not available in the Admin Portal. Access those recordings in the desktop app.

Audio and Flash-based web meeting recordings can take up to 24 hours to process and be available for download.

Can't find your recording? 

Contact Support for assistance.

The Admin Portal provides a Recordings Page that lists all recorded meetings. It also includes a Recording Details Page for each meeting with detailed information about the recording, methods to play or download the recording and other actions that can be performed for the recording.

To access your meeting recordings:

  1. Sign in to the Admin Portal.
  2. In the My Latest Recordings section, click Find a Recording or select Search > My Latest Recordings.

The recording list can be sorted by Date/Time, Duration, Recorded Conference Name, Owner, Days Remaining or Times Viewed. To sort the list, click the name of the column heading you want to sort by and the list will refresh.

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