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Change audio passcodes

You can change your audio passcodes at any time using your Admin Portal.

Tip: If you use custom passcodes, avoid using repetitive or easy-to-guess numbers that can be easily compromised. Remember to always keep your host passcode secure.

To change your passcodes:

  1. On the Home page, in the My Meeting Accounts section, click Manage my audio accounts.
  2. Find the conference you want and click the Edit button.
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  3. Under Conference Info and Passcodes, next to Passcode Options, select the Edit Passcodes checkbox.
  4. Choose an available passcode format. Select one of the following:
    • Host and Guest Passcodes Vary by One Number to use identical passcodes with the exception of one additional digit in the host passcode.
    • Random Host and Guest Passcodes to use completely unique passcodes for both passcodes or guests only.
    • Custom Passcodes for Host and Guest to create your own passcodes for hosts and guests.
    • Single Passcode for Host and Guest to use the same passcodes for hosts and guests. Hosts enter an additional security code when entering a meeting.
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  5. Click Save to update your audio passcodes.
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