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Set up Client and Matter Number tracking

Client and Matter Number tracking let you record additional information about each meeting. When you sign in to your web meeting room or enter your host passcode to begin an audio-only conference, you are prompted to enter the client number, matter number, or both before continuing. These numbers are included in meeting reports and on customer billing - as the Billing Code.

This type of tracking is especially useful if you are a creative consultant, lawyer, or other professional who meets frequently with clients - whether you're capturing billable time or just want to log the time you spend meeting with a particular client.

Before you begin

Ask your administrator if Client and Matter Number tracking is set up for your company. If the tracking is set up for your company, the Meeting Tracking screen is shown when you enter your meeting room. If it is not, then you can still record client and matter numbers using your phone keypad. To do this, use the Call my phone or Dial in audio options when starting your meeting.

Set up tracking

If your company uses the tracking feature, you can set it up for your own meeting room. Configuring this feature is done in the Admin Portal, as an audio conference option.

Note: Each web meeting room has an audio conference account associated with it.

To set up tracking:

  1. On the Home page, in the My Meeting Accounts section, click Manage my audio accounts.
  2. Find the conference you want to update and click the Edit button.
  3. Click [+] Conference Options.
  4. Select whether to prompt for a client number, matter number, or both. Then enter both a minimum and maximum lengths. When recording:
    • Just one value – either Client Number or Matter Number – the maximum length is 24 digits.
    • Both values, the sum of Client Max and Matter Max cannot be more than 24 digits.

      Tip: To set a specific length for a client or matter number, enter the same number in the Min and Max length fields. For example, if Client Number is always 3 digits, enter 3 for both Min and Max.


  5. Click Save.

Skip the min/max advice for audio-only conferences

By default, audio prompts include the min/max acceptable lengths. To get into the meeting more quickly, you can skip the min/max length advice. Under Conference options, select Suppress Prompt Selected (Legal)


The min/max length advice only plays if you enter an invalid client or matter number.

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