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About the Admin Portal user roles

All GlobalMeet account holders have a login to their company’s Admin Portal. The Admin Portal restricts access to features based on the user’s admin level or role (in the Admin Portal, referred to as User Type).

Administrators use the Admin Portal to add users – referred to as clients. Administrators create the client under a specific site and assign the user a role. The user’s role determines their access to various administrative features.

All users are at least Hub Moderators – that is, web or audio conferencing account holders.

As a company under your provider, your administrator role is a Hub Admin (HA), but certain customer setups require granting Hub Group Admin (HGA) or Corporate Customer Admin (CCA) rights. Any of these admin levels can manage site settings (including logo images) and can create and manage users.

Note: Administrators cannot create or edit clients with the same admin level as theirs.

The following table summarizes the scope of responsibilities for each user level.

Role Description
Hub Moderator An end user or web or audio conferencing account holder. Uses the Admin Portal to manage their profile, recordings, and web and/or audio conference settings. 
Hub Admin (HA) Assigned to one site. An HA can create clients under an assigned site, manage users within the site, and edit site settings.
Hub Group Admin (HGA) If a company has multiple sites, they are organized into a hub group. An HGA can edit each site’s settings (including logo images), create clients under the admin’s own company, and manage clients for sites within the hub group.
Corporate Customer Admin (CCA) If an organization has more than one company, its companies are grouped under a corporate customer. A CCA can manage sites and can create and manage clients for the companies.
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