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About reports

For admins only.

A variety of reports can be available depending on your admin level. Reports can be accessed in the Admin Portal and My Meeting Hub. All reports are queued so that you can keep working while your report is completed. You can save reports in a variety of file formats, including PDF, spreadsheet, and HTML.

Client report

The Client report shows a list of all clients assigned to a selected site, multiple sites, or a company. The report contains key information such as the client's email address, client ID, and user type (admin level). Optionally, you can restrict (filter) search results to include only those clients with the Client ID, Last Name, Special Billing Reference Number, or Special Info code you enter or list those of a specific user type.

Completed Meetings report

The Completed Meetings report shows basic usage information for meetings conducted during a selected date range. The system retains the most recent 90 days of activity. You can pull up to 31 days of meetings per report. All users – even non-admins – can run this report for their own meeting accounts. Administrators can include meetings for all clients associated with their assigned sites.

There are three parts to the Completed Meetings report:

  • Summary by Meeting – This view shows all meetings for the date range you entered, sorted by date. Each meeting row provides a usage summary (meeting duration, number of guests, total connected guest minutes, recordings, etc.). Click [+] on a row to view the names and email addresses of all attendees, when they joined, when they left, and each attendee’s total time in the meeting.
  • Summary by Host - For a selected site and date range, this report shows audio and web meeting minute totals, participant totals, and per-meeting averages, broken down by meeting host (client).  The report includes usage information, but not detailed billing information.
  • Summary by Guest - This view shows the per-meeting usage totals from the “by meeting” view, without the option to expand meeting details. Use this view if you want to download a top-level summary of each meeting.

Tip: When you export the By Meeting view, the downloaded report includes expanded details for every meeting. For a summary view, export the Summary by guest view.

Operator Assisted report

For CCAs and higher.

The Operator Assisted report shows all future scheduled events for a date range you specify. The report includes key information such as the conference date and time, duration, conference ID, number of participants booked, whether the call is to be recorded, dial-in number, conference title, conference moderator, and billing code.

View and export reports

On the Reports menu, select Report Status to open the Report Status page. This page lists all reports that you have run. Reports you recently requested have a status of Not Started or In Progress. When a report is complete, the status changes to Completed. Click Refresh to see the updated status. 


Click the Report button in the Results column. The Admin Portal opens the report in a new browser window. At the top of the page is a small toolbar. From here, you can view the report online, print one page or the entire report, and export the report in a variety of file formats, including PDF, spreadsheet, and HTML.

To download a copy of the report, at the top of the page, select a file format (PDF, XLS, etc.), and then click the Save button.


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