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Search for all users associated with a site

For admins only.

Use the Client Report to retrieve a list of all clients assigned to a selected site, multiple sites, or a company. The report contains key information such as the client's email address, client ID, and user type (admin level). Optionally, you can restrict (filter) search results to include only those clients with the Client ID, Last Name, Special Billing Reference Number, or Special Info code you enter or list those of a specific user type.

To view the client report:

  1. On the Reports menu, select Client Report.
  2. On the Client Report page, select a site from the list of sites assigned to you.

    If you are a CCA, next to Search By, select Site (hub) or Company and then select a site or select a company.

    Note: If you are a Hub Admin, your assigned site is already selected.


  3. Optional. Choose how you want to filter the report. Select Client ID, Last Name, Billing Reference Number, Special Info or User Type. Enter the required information or select a user type in the field below.


  4. Click Generate Report.
  5. On the Report Status Page, your report is the first result with an In Progress status. Click Refresh to change the status to Completed.
  6. Under Results, click the View Report button. The Admin Portal opens the report in a new browser window.


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