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Set a site's default meeting room settings

For admins only.

GlobalMeet offers many options for collaboration and sharing, for example: screen and file sharing, whiteboard sharing, webcam sharing, remote desktop control, and the ability to record meetings. You can choose which of these features are available. Changes you make apply to all meeting rooms associated with the site. The new settings do not take effect until the next meeting. 

To set a site's default meeting room settings:

  1. On the Administration menu, select Site Management > Manage this Site (or Search for a site to choose from all your assigned sites).
  2. On the Edit a Site page, under GlobalMeet 5 Options, change your settings.
    View example »
  3. Click Save.

The following table describes the meeting room settings.

Option Description
Share Options for Users

By default, anyone can share their screen, application window, file, or open a whiteboard within the meeting, without being promoted to Presenter role by the host.

Select Only Host and Promoted users can share to only allow hosts and promoted guests to share.

Waiting Room

Automatically place all guests in the waiting room. Guests cannot join the meeting until the host or a promoted guests admits them.

File Library

Allow hosts, promoted guests, or a guest to upload a file to their own file library and share files during a meeting.


Allow hosts, promoted guests, or guests to open a whiteboard during the meeting.

Screen Share

Allow hosts, promoted guests, or guests to share their screen during the meeting.

Select Remote Desktop to allow a host or guest to grant control of their shared screen to another guest in the meeting.

In Meeting

Allow hosts and co-hosts to record meetings. Allow hosts, promoted guests, and guests to share their webcams, and chat during the meeting.

Select Chat to allow everyone to send messages without interrupting the meeting.

Select Web Recording to allow hosts and co-hosts to record meetings. Recordings capture a high quality video of the meeting, including any webcams, screens, whiteboards, or files being shared in the room.

Select Webcam to allow everyone to share their webcam. The meeting shows up to 16 webcams at once.

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