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Adjust your own volume

On your phone

If you are on your desk or mobile phone, use the telephone keypad (star) commands.

Press the star (*) key and then the command number.

  • *4 - Increase the meeting volume
  • *7 - Decrease the meeting volume
  • *5 - Increase your mic volume
  • *8 - Decrease your mic volume
  • *6 - Mute and unmute your mic

Audio Controls

If you joined the audio conference from an invitation, you can adjust your mic volume using the Audio Controls; use your computer or phone speaker volume controls to manage meeting volume. 

Point to your own name and then click and hold the speaker button on your row to display volume controls. Slide to the right or left to increase or decrease your mic volume.

To mute and unmute your mic, click the speaker button.

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