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Use the Audio Controls

The Audio Controls provide a user-friendly, visual way to host your audio conference from your computer.

Before a conference, use My Meeting Hub to send meeting invitations with a Connect Me option that lets guests join your audio conference in the Audio Controls. Then, on your Mac or Windows computer, just use My Meeting Hub to start your audio conference.

  • See who’s talking with the active talker.
  • Lock, mute, or record your conference. Adjust guest volumes and mute noisy lines.
  • Invite additional guests to the current conference via email or dial out.
  • Click the Settings (gear) button to view a guest's phone number, send an email, and to dismiss the guest.
  • Click the Settings (gear) button to manage your own audio, check call quality, or switch your audio connection.
  • Switch to a sub-conference for more private communication. Click the Settings (gear) button and move yourself or any guest into or out of the sub-conference; your guests can only move into a sub-conference after you set it up.
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