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Tips for using VoIP audio in a conference

VoIP or computer audio uses your Internet connection (wired, Wi-Fi or mobile data). For a better audio experience, follow these tips.

  • Make sure you have functioning speakers and a microphone connected to your computer and that these devices are turned on.
  • A headset is strongly recommended to reduce echo. Corded and USB headsets typically deliver more stable sound quality than wireless or Bluetooth headsets.
  • If your main concern is call quality, choose noise-cancelling headphones (with mic) that deliver sound in both ears.
  • Try not to use too many other resource-intensive programs on your computer during your meeting – inadequate system and network resources can lower quality.
  • If you are using your laptop mic and it’s in a docking station, be aware that if the laptop lid is closed, the mic will not be active.
  • Be sure you have a strong signal on your device. To check your signal strength, locate the bandwidth bar on your device.
  • To avoid issues with internet bandwidth when using VoIP, it is recommended that hosts use a landline connection instead of wireless.
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