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Add Enhanced Authentication to your audio account

Enhanced authentication is an additional level of security that helps prevent fraudulent use of audio accounts in high-risk locations like Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

If you need local and/or ITFS access numbers in any of these countries, you must use Enhanced Authentication.

Note: When you add EA, new host and guest passcodes are generated for your audio account. Make a note of these new passcodes and be sure to update any upcoming meeting invitations.

To enable EA for your audio account:

  1. Sign in to the Admin Portal.
  2. Under My Meeting Accounts, click Manage my audio accounts.
  3. Click the view/modify button next to the audio conference to update.
  4. On the Edit Conference Account page, next to Enhanced Authentication, click the Enable checkbox.
  5. When prompted if you are sure about adding EA, click OK.
  6. Click Save to enable EA on your account.
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