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Add an audio conference to your account

If allowed by your company policy, you can use Meeting Settings to create a new audio conference. Your new audio conference will have different passcodes from your other conferences, plus you can tailor audio options to suit how you'll be using the new audio conference. For example, you might add an audio conference for large meetings where you enable music on hold and turn off entry and exit tones. Or, you could add an audio conference for internal team meetings where you turn off music on hold to let your team start talking before you arrive. 

To add a new audio conference:

  1. Access Meeting Settings.
  2. Click the Audio Settings tab and then click Add.
  3. On the Add Audio Conference window, add the following information in the New Conference section. The options available depend on your company's setup.
    • The name to be displayed in the Audio Controls and in Meeting Settings
    • For Web Conference Type, select Audio Only or None. (It's not being used with a web room.)
    • For Conference Type, select the type of access numbers to include: Global Numbers for international dialing; NA for US and Canada number sets.
    • Select the Passcode Format for host and guest passcodes.
  4. Scroll to the Audio Options section and set options like entry and exit tones, music on hold, whether to send an attendance recap, and more.
  5. Click Save changes to create the new audio conference.
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