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Change audio passcodes

You can change your meeting passcodes at any time. If you use custom passcodes, avoid using repetitive or easy-to-guess numbers that can be easily compromised. Remember to always keep your host passcode secure.

To change your passcodes:

  1. Access Meeting Settings.
  2. Click the Audio Settings tab and select the audio conference to update.


  3. Click Change next to the passcode to update.
  4. Select a passcode format. The formats available depend on your company's passcode policy.
    • Host and Guest Passcodes Vary by One Number to generate host and guest passcodes. Guest is 6 digits. Host is the guest passcode, plus one additional digit (7 digits total).
    • Random Host and Guest Passcodes to generate unique passcodes for hosts and guests.
    • Custom Passcode to enter your preferred host and guest passcodes.
    • Single Passcode for Host and Guest to use the same passcode for hosts and guests. With this option, you have to define an additional host security code and enter it when entering a meeting.
  5. Click Save changes.

    The new passcodes are shown on the Audio Settings tab.

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