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Prompt guests to enter a PIN when joining

The Prompt Guests for PIN option lets you track additional information about conference participants. When enabled, everyone – host and guests – is prompted to enter a PIN after entering the passcode. This information is included in attendance summary reports available online and sent by email.

The PIN can be up to 15 digits long. When using this option, tell your guests before the conference what is expected. For example, you might want your guests to enter their phone extensions.

Note: the PIN is informational only. The audio conference ensures each participant enters a PIN, but does not validate the PIN.

To capture a PIN for each participant:

  1. Access Meeting Settings.
  2. Click the Audio Settings tab. If you have more than one audio account, click Conference Title and select the account to update.
  3. Scroll to the Audio Options section, and set Ask Guests For PIN Number to On.
  4. Click Save changes.
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