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Work Remote : Audio Conference Guidelines

With millions of people now working remotely, carrier and Internet and Wi-Fi networks are experiencing unprecedented traffic. To avoid busy signals and other connection issues, we encourage you to use dial-out or computer (VoIP) audio instead of dialing in directly to meetings or audio conferences.

With a bit of setup, you and your guests can attend the next audio conference from your computers and have the conference call your phone (dial-out) or your computer (VoIP audio). Just send invitations from My Meeting Hub, and then use these tools to start your audio conferences. 

Here are steps you can take to get the most out of your audio account.

Use dial-out or computer audio

Did you know you can have an audio conference call you or use your Internet connection for meeting audio?

On your Mac or Windows computer, just use My Meeting Hub to start your audio conference. This opens the web-based Audio Controls, a user-friendly, visual way to host your audio conference right from your computer screen. The Audio Controls let you choose between having the conference call your phone or your computer (VoIP audio). 

Your guests can also use dial-out or computer audio. Use My Meeting Hub to send meeting invitations with a Connect Me option that lets them join your audio conference in the Audio Controls.

Audio Controls screen shot

Access My Meeting Hub

The My Meeting Hub portal is useful for those who want to schedule and manage their audio conferences, but are unable to use our GlobalMeet add-in for Outlook. If you're not sure how to access My Meeting Hub, watch this video.

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Schedule an audio conference (My Meeting Hub)

If your company uses the My Meeting Hub portal, you can use it to schedule audio conferences. Meeting invitations include a Connect Me button (for attending via computer), local and international access numbers, and the guest passcode.

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Start your audio conference (My Meeting Hub)

If your company uses the My Meeting Hub portal, use it to start your conference and manage the meeting using the Audio Controls. This option lets you use computer audio or have the conference dial out to you.

When it's time to meet, on the home page of My Meeting Hub, click My Meeting Room. If you have more than one audio account, select the audio meeting you want to use, and then click START.

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start MMH thumb.png

Host a conference in the Audio Controls

The Audio Controls provide a user-friendly, visual way to host your audio conference. The Participants list displays the names or phone numbers of everyone connected to your conference. (When your guests use the meeting invitation to join, the Audio Controls displays their names.)

Use the toolbar to lock the conference, mute all guests, or record your conference. Is someone missing? You can invite them via email or dial-out.

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