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Copy and share your access numbers

Meeting Settings

The Meeting Settings app provides a quick and easy way to copy your access numbers and guest passcode to the clipboard for saving, printing, and sharing. Use the Outlook add-in to open Meeting Settings.

To copy your access numbers and passcodes:

  1. Access Meeting Settings.
  2. Click the Audio Settings tab. If you have more than one audio conference, click Conference Title and select the account to update.
  3. Click Copy all numbers to clipboard to copy the primary access number, the guest passcode, and all additional access numbers.
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    Audio Settings
  4. To copy selected numbers, next to Access Numbers click View and Manage. This opens the My Access Numbers window, where you can select specific access numbers or copy just the primary access number and guest passcode.
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    My Access Numbers

My Meeting Hub

If you cannot install the Outlook add-in, you can use the schedule meeting feature in My Meeting Hub to send yourself an invitation with your access numbers and passcodes.

To copy your access numbers and passcodes:

  1. Sign in to My Meeting Hub.

    If you're not sure how to access My Meeting Hub, watch this video.

  2. On the home page, click Schedule a Meeting and then click SCHEDULE AN AUDIO MEETING.
  3. On the Schedule a Meeting screen, enter a subject line, and then enter your email address as an Attendee.
  4. Pick any date and time (you're just sending an invitation to yourself).

  5. Click SEND INVITE

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