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Disconnect a guest

On your phone

If you are on your desk or mobile phone, use the telephone keypad to dismiss all guests. You must be dialed in to the conference using the host passcode to be able to disconnect all guest lines.

You cannot disconnect individual guests using the star commands.

To disconnect all guests:

  1. Press *9 3 to disconnect everyone.
  2. When prompted, press 1 to disconnect all guests. Or, press 0 to cancel and return to the conference.
  3. Hang up or stay on the line to start another conference.

Audio Controls

If you are hosting in the Audio Controls, you cannot disconnect everyone with one command and stay in the conference; you have to disconnect guests one at a time.

  • Point to a guest row, click the Settings (gear) button, and then click Disconnect. The guest is disconnected.
  • To disconnect everyone, click the End ⓧ button at the top right of the toolbar, and then confirm that you want to end the meeting. Everyone is disconnected.
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