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View your access numbers and passcodes

Your audio account includes a variety of local and international access numbers that let you and your guests dial in and participate. Everyone except the host should enter the guest passcode when prompted. The host passcode gives you additional controls for managing the audio conference. 

Access numbers and passcodes can be found in your welcome email, in Meeting Settings (from the Outlook add-in or My Meeting Hub), and the Admin Portal.

GlobalMeet for Outlook

Click GlobalMeet Tools > Settings > Meeting Settings > Audio Settings (In Outlook on the web, click the global-meet15x15.png button first.)

If you have more than one audio conference, click Conference Title and select the one you want to view. The host and guest passcodes automatically update to match the conference. Click View and Manage to view all access numbers.


My Meeting Hub

To view your access numbers and passcodes:

  1. Sign in to My Meeting Hub.

    If you're not sure how to access My Meeting Hub, watch this video.

  2. On the home page, click My Meeting Room.

    The Start Audio Meeting screen shows your access numbers and passcodes.

Admin Portal

Access numbers for your meetings and audio conferences can be found within the desktop app, Meeting Settings, or the Admin Portal.

To find the access numbers for your meetings:

  1. On the Home page, in the My Meeting Accounts section, click Manage my audio accounts.
  2. Find the conference you want to view and click the Edit button.


  3. The access numbers for your meeting are located in the Conference Info and Passcodes section. To expand the list of numbers, click Show More located to the right of access numbers.


  4. When you are done viewing your access numbers, click Cancel.

Note: You can't change or add access numbers from this list.

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