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Set the one-click number for meeting invitations

You can set your one-click access number at any time. The one-click number is formatted as a link in meeting invitations which guests can click to connect to the meeting automatically from their mobile devices. It dials the access number, bypasses the voice prompts, and enters the passcode to join the meeting.

To set your one-click number:

  1. Access Meeting Settings.
  2. Open the Audio Settings tab.

    If you have more than one audio conference, select the audio conference you want to manage.

    Audio Settings

  3. Next to Access Numbers, click View and Manage.

    The current one-click access number is displayed first.

    Access Numbers

  4. Point to a row and click One-Click to set it as the one-click number. See Manage access numbers for more information on choosing access numbers.

    Note: Your previous one-click number is moved to the bottom of the list and does not display until after you save your changes.

  5. Click Save changes to set the new one-click access number. Click OK to close the confirmation alert.
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