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Hearing an echo on the call

Echoes are usually caused by a bad connection, poor inbound line quality, or faulty audio equipment on the part of one or more guests. In rare cases, more than one source of audio interference may exist.

Host actions

If you're the host, here are steps to help identify and remove the echo. First, ask if anyone on the call does not hear the echo. The guest who can't hear the echo is usually the source of it.

To identify the source of echo:

  1. Mute all guests by pressing *96 and choosing option 1 (allow guests to un-mute). 
  2. Run through a roll call of your guests one by one, and ask each guest to un-mute their line by pressing *6 and then say their name.
  3. If there is no echo, move on to the next guest until you hear the echo.
  4. Ask the guest that seems to be the source of the echo to first try lowering their mic volume.
  5. If this doesn't work, have them mute their line by pressing *6 or disconnect and dial in again to get a better connection.

    Muting allows the guest to continue listening to the conference without disrupting the meeting. If the guest wants to participate by talking, they should reconnect.

Guest actions

If you are a guest and your host tells you there's an echo or background noise on your line, try these fixes:

  • Switch from a mobile phone to a landline. Landlines offer better audio quality and sustained connectivity.
  • Lower the volume of your speakerphone, mobile phone, or telephone. If your phone does not have a volume control, use the star command *8 to lower your volume.
  • Turn off speakerphone. Speakerphones can degrade call quality with echo, ambient, and white noise.
  • Pick up the telephone handset. Handsets usually have better sound quality than speakerphones and headsets.
  • Disconnect hands-free devices.
  • Move other electronic devices - such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops - away from your phone. They can contribute to interference.

If these steps do not resolve the audio conferencing issue you are experiencing, press *0 for operator assistance to isolate and resolve it.

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