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Passcode is not valid

An invalid passcode message can occur after dialing in to an audio conference and entering a passcode that is not recognized. A recorded message reads the passcode entered and states that it “is not a passcode that is valid at this time.” Here are some possible solutions based on the cause of your invalid passcode:

  • Double-Check Your Passcode. The most common cause of an invalid passcode message is the incorrect passcode entry. Listen to the numbers repeated by the recorded message, and verify that those are the same numbers you’ve been given to enter the conference. If the numbers are incorrect, enter the correct passcode followed by the # key. If the recorded message states the correct passcode, you may have incorrect dial-in information. Double-check your invitation or contact the conference host to verify the dial-in information.
  • Try a Different Connection. If you are dialing from an international location or a mobile phone or using Skype or another Voice Over IP (VoIP) service, your line may not be transmitting identifiable tones. Listen to the recorded message. If you hear numbers you entered that are skipped in the playback, try your call again using a different phone.

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