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Reduce noise on your own line

If you are a guest and your host tells you there's an echo or background noise on your line, try these fixes:

  • Switch from a mobile phone to a landline. Landlines offer better audio quality and sustained connectivity.
  • Lower the volume of your speakerphone, mobile phone, or telephone. If your phone does not have a volume control, use the star command *8 to lower your volume.
  • Turn off speakerphone. Speakerphones can degrade call quality with echo, ambient, and white noise.
  • Pick up the telephone handset. Handsets usually have better sound quality than speakerphones and headsets.
  • Disconnect hands-free devices.
  • Move other electronic devices - such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops - away from your phone. They can contribute to interference.

If these steps do not resolve the audio conferencing issue you are experiencing, press *0 for operator assistance to isolate and resolve it.

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