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Invoice higher than expected

There can be several reasons why your invoice may be higher than initially expected, two of the most common reasons are detailed below.

Prorated license charge

We operate a prorated license model where GlobalMeet Collaboration license customers are charged two charges on their first invoice. These charges include the period within their first month of activation (from the date the contract was activated to the end of that month) plus the license fee for the next month, as per your client agreement.

For example, if you agree to contract terms for a GlobalMeet license in June priced at $300/month, and you receive your license credentials on June 15th, your first invoice will include the following license charges:

  • $150 proportional/prorated charge for the month of June (from June 15th to June 30th)
  • $300 license charge for the entire month of July

Operator Assisted and Webcast charges

There are a number of factors which can explain lower or higher charges for an Operator Assisted or Webcast event than what was initially estimated. Some of these factors include the length of your event, the phone numbers your participants dialed, whether they dialed in or were dialed out to, and whether they used their mobile phone, a landline, or VOIP to connect to the event. 

For example, if your estimate was based on participants joining from the UK and using local dial-in numbers for a set time frame, but you invite colleagues from multiple locations who connect with their mobile phones, use international dial-in numbers, and stay on for longer than the planned call duration, your invoice will be higher than initially estimated.

We also offer a wide range of features which you can request when booking your conference or during your conference. If you request a feature that is not included in your client agreement or contract, you will be charged the default rate.

For more detailed information about charges, fees, and rates, contact Support.

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