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Charges over multiple bills

Depending on how far in advance a conference is booked, charges for that conference may be billed over multiple months. The Scheduling fee is invoiced at the time of booking, and conference charges are assessed on the day of the event. Fees and charges appear on the invoice for the month they were applied. Because of this, it is possible to see charges for one conference over two or three months.

If you book your conference within the same month that your call is due to take place, all fees and charges are billed on the invoice for that month. For example, if you make a reservation on March 3rd for a conference that takes place on March 19th, the Scheduling fee and all conference charges appear on the March invoice.

If you make the reservation on February 27th, the Scheduling fee appears on the February invoice and all conference charges appear on the March invoice. If you request to extend the duration of the “dial in to listen” recording in April, the associated fee appears on the April invoice.

For more detailed information about charges, fees, and rates, contact Support.

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