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Overage and Unused Port fees

When an Operator Assisted conference is booked for a specific number of lines, this capacity is reserved for that call. To cover the cost of capacity and infrastructure support required, fees apply if a certain percentage of lines go unused or if that percentage is exceeded.

Note: These fees do not apply to flat rate Operator Assisted conference calls.

Overage fees

If a conference has more participants join than the reserved amount, overage fees are applied.

For example, if a call reserved 1000 lines and 1300 lines are used, overage fees are applied to 300 lines.

Unused Port fees

If a conference has fewer participants join than the reserved amount, Unused Port fees are applied.

For example, if a call is reserved for 1000 lines and 800 are used, Unused Port fees are applied for 200 unused lines.

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