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Search for an invoice

The Invoice Search tab allows you to search for invoices based on the invoice number, the payment due date, amount, the PO number, the invoice date, and the invoice name. You can also assign purchase order numbers or invoice names to your invoices.

To search for an invoice:

  1. On the menu bar, click Bill Details
  2. On the Billing History Details page, click the Invoice Search tab.

    The Invoice Search page lists your invoices.

  3. Either scroll the list and click an invoice number to view details or enter search criteria and click Search to find an invoice.

    You can search for a specific invoice by its invoice number, PO number, or invoice name, or for invoices with a range of due dates, invoice amounts, or invoice dates.


  4. In the results, click an invoice number to view invoice details, or click Export to save your search results as a CSV file.

    To assign a PO number or name to an invoice, click the Edit button under PO Number or Invoice Name and enter a number or name.

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