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Participant list

Add-on. Charges include: fee per participant logged, plus the number of pieces of information to be collected (in addition to name). Additional fees for: custom fields, rush delivery.

Regardless of audio event type - greeted entry, passcode entry, or click to join - attendees’ names and phone numbers are collected as they join the conference. Depending on your collection method and the number of attendees you plan to have, you can choose to capture additional pieces of attendee information (such as company or title). 

While our standard list of available fields covers most customers’ needs, custom fields are also available for an additional fee. Contact Support to set up custom fields.

Booking information

This option is available when booking a new event. You cannot add it later in the Events Portal.

On Audio Event Details > Enhanced Services, select Participant List and choose:

  • Name on Entry - to capture the attendees' names and additional information.
    • Attendees are asked by an operator or prompted (for passcode entry) to provide their names and other information.
    • Select the pieces of information to collect, such as Company, Region, Title, etc.
    • Enter the email addresses where we should send the participant information. Do not enter an attendee's email address.
  • PIN - to capture the PIN entered by attendees when they join.

    Attendees are asked by an operator or prompted (for passcode entry) to provide their assigned PINs. Before your conference, upload the list of names and PINs, in the Events Portal.

Contact Support for assistance in requesting rush delivery of the participant list. Priority delivery is within 4 hours; Rush delivery is within 2 hours.

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