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GlobalMeet リリースノート

April 9

iOS updates

Release 6.36

  • With this release, the GlobalMeet iOS app now requires iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 and newer. Some devices previously supported on iOS 12 are no longer supported. See System requirements for a complete listing.
  • Bug fix. When you turned your webcam on or off in full-screen mode, the message that indicated your webcam status covered the Mute and Camera meeting controls.
  • Bug fix. When someone shared a whiteboard while you were on the Guests or Chat tab, only the name of the person who shared the whiteboard displayed in the whiteboard sharing message.
  • Bug fix. iPad. When someone shared their screen and then shared a whiteboard while you were on the Meeting tab, the message next to the Maximize button displayed that the meeting was displaying the sharer's screen instead of the whiteboard.
  • Bug fix. When you searched for a meeting and joined it, the "How would you like to join the meeting?" message didn't display on the audio connection screen.

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Meeting updates

Release 6.44

  • Bug fix. Intermittent issue where screen share did not start and the Share button would spin.
  • Bug fix. iPad Air. When you tapped a meeting URL, the browser message was incorrect. You were either prompted to open the desktop app (instead of iOS app) or an unsupported device error was displayed.

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