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GlobalMeet リリースノート

The current desktop app release is version 6.25, released on May 13, 2020.

May 18

Coming soon: interactive whiteboard

In the next release, we're adding an interactive whiteboard to the meeting room. Collaborate in real time with everyone in the room: jot down ideas, type or draw with a pen, add shapes, and add a background image.  When you're ready, download an image of the whiteboard to save and share.

Meeting room updates

Release 6.27

  • Share content. In the meeting controls, the Share button now opens a menu of options: Screen share, File Presentation, and Whiteboard. Choose what you want to share, and begin. Click the Share button again to stop sharing or change mode.

    Note: The Whiteboard option will be available in an upcoming release.

  • Webcam. The meeting room now supports up to 12 webcams on stage at one time. When someone is sharing, webcams are displayed as a filmstrip across the stage; click the arrows to scroll and see everyone's webcam streams.
  • Webcam. When you point to a person's webcam, the dark overlay is gone. A simple controls bar is displayed across the top of the webcam stream, with their name on the left and the maximize and close controls on the right.

May 13

Desktop app updates

Release 6.25

  • Automatic updates. If you are in a meeting (the meeting window is open) or have Meeting Settings open, the desktop app waits to install the newest version. Previously, auto-updates would shut down Meeting Settings without prompting to save changes.
  • Bug fix. When you clicked a meeting link (for example, in an invitation) and the desktop app wasn't running, nothing happened. Now, the app starts and opens the meeting room.

May 9

Support site relaunch

We're excited to announce the new GlobalMeet Success Center! This is a major step forward in our commitment to making it easier for you and your guests to connect, learn, and troubleshoot your services. Some highlights:

  • The revamped information architecture and visual redesign make it easier for you to find what you need and get back to work.
  • Key information is accessible from the home page.
    • Answers to common support questions and most-searched articles are at the top.
    • Release notes and important updates (like COVID-19 resources) are front-and-center.
    • Quick links to knowledge guides for our services mean less clicking around.
    • Intro videos let you learn more about our online meetings, conference calling, and events solutions.
  • Once inside, scannable lists of articles let you see immediately what’s in a guide without having to click on it.
  • Search is available from every page, in the header. Our new search engine gives more accurate search results and makes it easy to filter results.
  • Chat is available everywhere on the Success Center.
    • Just click Chat with Us in the lower-right corner of any page.
    • Enter your name and a question, and a chatbot finds the top three relevant knowledge articles.
    • If this doesn't answer your question, no problem. We'll transfer you to a live agent. 

To learn more, see Welcome to the new Success Center.

May 7

iOS updates

Release 6.20

You must upgrade to this release or you will be unable to view shared screens within a meeting. This is due to changes to our screen share in response to the upcoming Chrome and Firefox updates.

  • Meetings tab. You now have additional options for the Meetings tab. Under MY MEETING ROOM, tap More () and select either Join my meeting room or Copy my meeting URL to enter your meeting room or share your URL with others. "Copied!" displays to let you know the URL is in your clipboard.
  • You can now copy meeting URLs from the Home tab, Meetings tab, or the search results to the clipboard by long pressing on the URL. "Meeting URL copied!" displays to let you know the URL is in your clipboard.
  • Fixed reported app crashes.

May 4

Meeting room updates

Release 6.26

  • This release includes behind the scenes work, increasing the number of webcams on stage and adding an interactive whiteboard feature. These enhancements are targeted for early next month. 
  • Webcam. The maximize and close controls moved to the top right of the webcam stream. 


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