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In an upcoming release, GlobalMeet® will no longer support Internet Explorer 9 and 10. To learn more, click here.

Attention iMeet Android App Users! You MUST update to the latest version in the Google Play store in order to join a meeting. Click to learn more.

Meeting Support

Cisco WebEx Training

Cisco WebExTM provides a suite of web collaboration tools called "Enterprise Edition" (EE).  This session covers the basics of WebEx Meeting Center, the most commonly used platform in EE.

 Session Description Available Learning Options
Getting Started Instructor Led Training Session - 45 min.
  • Integrating your GlobalMeet Audio into your profile
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Using Productivity Tools
  • The Meeting Center Host Console
  • Sharing your desktop, documents, and applications
  • Utilizing chat, webcam, and file transfer

Getting Started Instructor Led Sessions
Register for Live Training- North America

Self-Paced Training Options
Self-Paced Tutorials
Cisco WebEx Training Simulator

Coffee Break Webinars

Best practice fast and informative webinars that will help you: 

  • Host better meetings
  • Create great presentations or
  • Have great meetings while traveling

Hosting a Better Virtual Meeting
5 ways to host an effective meeting virtually

5 Steps to Great Meeting Visuals
Create visuals to keep your audience interested

Power Point Slides that Get Results
No more boring presentations, learn how to engage

Road Warrior Tips and Tricks
Tips for Productivity for the Mobile User

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