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GlobalMeet 5 is here! Check out the new support site, download the all-new desktop apps, go mobile, or try it out in your existing GlobalMeet room.

GlobalMeet 4.0 is here. Check out release notes, register for a learning session or watch a video highlighting new GlobalMeet features.

Meeting Support

Set up the GlobalMeet desktop app

The GlobalMeet desktop app is available for hosts and guests. It lets you jump into a GlobalMeet meeting quickly, and re-join meetings you recently attended. If you have a GlobalMeet account, you can launch your own meeting and search your company directory for meetings to join.

Download and install GlobalMeet

icon_GlobalMeet_rgb.pngThe GlobalMeet desktop app is available for Mac and Windows systems. Go to our Downloads page to install the version you need.

After installing, locate the globe icon on your desktop, system tray, or Launchpad and start the app.

Sign in to your account (hosts)

If you have a GlobalMeet account, enter the address associated with your account, and then click Continue. If you have more than one GlobalMeet account, you may need to enter the Client ID for the account you want to access. Your Client ID is in your welcome email. If you're not sure which Client ID to use, contact Support.

Welcome to GlobalMeet

GlobalMeet checks whether you have an account and prompts you for your password. Enter your password and click Sign in. If you do not remember your password, click Forgot password? to reset it. 

Enter your password 

The desktop app signs you in to your GlobalMeet account and starts watching your GlobalMeet meeting for visitors. Learn more.

Sign in to the app (guests)

If you do not have a GlobalMeet account, enter your email address, and then click Continue.

Welcome to GlobalMeet

GlobalMeet asks for your name. Enter your name and then click Continue.

Enter your name

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