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Meeting Support

Alternatives to *95 for Dialing Out From a Meeting

As part of our commitment to providing secure, easy-to-use audio and web conferencing, we are discontinuing the star control (*95) that allows hosts to dial out to guests and bring them in to a meeting.

If you are GlobalMeet® Audio customer, don’t worry- you still have several options for dialing out and bringing guests into your meeting.

GlobalMeet Audio and its associated apps all include an Invite by Phone feature that gives hosts an easy way to dial out, without the need to remember star controls and additional passwords. Just enter your guest’s name and phone number, and GlobalMeet Audio does the rest. This method of dialing out is more secure than *95, with double authentication (client ID/email address and password) in all the applications.

The following GlobalMeet apps allow hosts to dial out to guests:

  • GlobalMeet  Audio Controls
  • GlobalMeet toolbar for Outlook™
  • GlobalMeet  for Desktop
  • GlobalMeet  for BlackBerry™
  • GlobalMeet for iPhone™

In addition, if you have a GlobalMeet Web meeting account, you can dial out to guests from within your GlobalMeet Web room or using the GlobalMeet  HD for iPad™ app.