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Meeting Support

Record Your Phone-Only Meetings

As the meeting host, you can record your phone-only meetings by using Audio Controls or star controls.

To record your meeting using Audio Controls:

  1. From the GlobalMeet® toolbar, Select Start My MeetingPhone Only.
  2. Enter your phone number and click Connect.
  3. Click the Record button to start recording your meeting.
  4. Click the Record button again to stop recording.

To record your meeting using star controls:

  1. Dial your meeting access number and enter your host passcode.
  2. Press *22 on your telephone keypad.
  3. When your meeting has ended, press *93 to disconnect all guests and hang up your line. Your meeting recording will begin archiving automatically.

Note: If you are hosting a GlobalMeet Web meeting, it is best to start your recording from the GlobalMeet Web Desktop app.


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