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Meeting Support

Can I use my GlobalMeet audio account with Microsoft Office Live Meeting?

Yes, you can use your GlobalMeet® Audio account with your Microsoft® Office Live Meeting account.

It is easy to enable GlobalMeet® Audio integration with Microsoft® Office Live Meeting. Use the following steps when scheduling a meeting through the Live Meeting interface:

  1. Log in to your Live Meeting conference center using your login credentials. 
  2. Click Schedule a Meeting.
  3. From the Schedule a Meeting interface, then select the Meeting Options button.
  4. Select the “Audio” configuration option.
  5. Select Premiere Global as the conferencing provider. Enter your GlobalMeet Audio toll number, toll-free number and passcode in the appropriate fields.
    Note: If you logged into Live Meeting through your Administrative Portal, the audio numbers and passcodes should already be entered in the appropriate fields.
  6. Select Set as Default to save this configuration. Select OK to continue scheduling your meetings. This audio configuration has now been saved for future meetings. 

To learn more about managing your conference audio within a Live Meeting web conference, visit Microsoft Office Online.


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