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In an upcoming release, GlobalMeet® will no longer support Internet Explorer 9 and 10. To learn more, click here.

Attention iMeet Android App Users! You MUST update to the latest version in the Google Play store in order to join a meeting. Click to learn more.

Meeting Support

Getting Started with GlobalMeet toolbar

The GlobalMeet® toolbar works with the calendar function of Microsoft® Outlook. It makes it easy for a host to include the audio and web meeting information in calendar invites without having to cut, paste, or search for the dial-in information:

  • The GlobalMeet toolbar also gives the host the option to start a web or a phone-only (audio) meeting. 
  • For web meetings, a browser window is launched and you are automatically signed in to your GlobalMeet meeting room. 
  • For audio-only meetings, a “connect me” feature calls your phone and automatically connects you to your meeting. Once connected, you can use the Audio Controls to manage your meeting: invite guests, record, lock the meeting, mute all or individual lines, change meeting or guest volumes, and disconnect guests. 
  • For guests, meeting invitations include a “connect me” link which allows them to enter a phone number to have the meeting call them, and additional links that allow them to connect from their mobile devices.

Additional links from the toolbar allow quick access to account updates and online help.


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