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In an upcoming release, GlobalMeet® will no longer support Internet Explorer 9 and 10. To learn more, click here.

Attention iMeet Android App Users! You MUST update to the latest version in the Google Play store in order to join a meeting. Click to learn more.

Meeting Support

Sign In to the GlobalMeet Toolbar

The GlobalMeet® toolbar is opened automatically when you start Outlook. The first time you run the toolbar, enter your client ID and password to sign in and connect to your meetings from Outlook. You will only have to do this one time.

The GlobalMeet toolbar also allows you to manage multiple accounts (those with separate client IDs). 

  • To add another account to your toolbar, click the gear icon then click Settings. On the Settings window, click the Accounts tab where you can add the account.
  • To sign in to another account, click the gear icon, click Accounts and then click Sign In As…. Select which account you want to access.
  • You can also add an account from the Sign In As menu, Simply select New and enter the client ID and password.

After you sign in, from the Settings window, you can:

  • Designate the default audio account to use when starting or scheduling meetings, and select the primary access number and one-click access number for your typical meeting.
  • Choose which web meeting room (URL) to associate with the default audio account.
  • Enter another web meeting URL if you have one for Adobe or another web product. Under the Web Meetings box, click the + (plus) button. 
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