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Meeting Support

How do I find a missing Outlook Toolbar?

If you have established that you have the toolbar installed, follow the steps below to make sure it's an active add-in:

1) In Outlook, select FILE (tab)> OPTIONS.

2) Select ADD-INS

3) At the bottom, select the drop down menu from COM add-ins to Disabled Items, then click the GO button

4) Do you see Conferencing Toolbar, AdXloader, or GlobalMeet toolbar as a disabled item? If so, highlight it and select "enable." Then exit.

5) Click the drop down menu and switch it from Disabled Items back to COM add-ins, then click the GO button.

6) Do you see Conferencing Toolbar, Adxloader, or GlobalMeet toolbar as an item in the list? Does it have a check mark next to it? If not, please place a check mark next to it, then select "ok."


If the steps above do not bring the Toolbar tab back, you may have some security settings in your Outlook that is not allowing it to show up, or an improper install of the toolbar. If this is the case, please contact us for further support