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GlobalMeet 5 is here! Check out the new support site, download the all-new desktop apps, go mobile, or try it out in your existing GlobalMeet room.

GlobalMeet 4.0 is here. Check out release notes, register for a learning session or watch a video highlighting new GlobalMeet features.

Meeting Support

10. What key things should I know as a GlobalMeet web host?

  • Encourage your participants to use the ‘Connect Me’ button by inserting a message into the body section of the invite/email.
  • Practice scheduling and using the GlobalMeet features such as desktop sharing, before your first meeting.
  • Use the ? within your web room to run a system check.
  • Always join your own meeting via the toolbar, by clicking START MY MEETING vs. the invitation.  Hosts always join their own meetings from the toolbar.
  • Arrive in your meeting 15 minutes prior to set up, prepare and to upload any files you’ll need.
  • If you are going to promote another user to Presenter during the meeting, have them join 15 minutes prior, promote them and have them click Share Screen so they can have the add-in uploaded.
  • Press *0 for support, encourage a guest to press it rather than the host, as an operator will take that person out of the meeting momentarily.
  • Don’t use VoIP (computer) to join the audio if you are hosting as quality is dependent upon your connection.


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