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Learn how to get your GlobalMeet password.

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Format Your Meeting Invitations for One-Click Entry from a Mobile Phone

Make it easy for mobile guests to join your meetings by properly formatting your meeting dial-in information. When you send a meeting invitation or email with your GlobalMeet® Audio dial-in number and passcode, format the numbers so your guests can connect with just one click.

Note: If you have downloaded and are using the GlobalMeet toolbar, your meeting invitations will automatically include links for guests joining from a mobile phone. If you do not have the GlobalMeet toolbar, you can use the example below to format all of your meeting invitations to ensure anyone joining from a mobile phone always has the correct formatting available.

To set up your meeting for mobile compatibility, simply follow this example:

  1. If your toll-free number is 877-802-4787 and your guest passcode is 8743598, format your meeting information in the Subject line of your invite like this: 18778024787×8743598#
  2. Guests simply click the number from a mobile device and, within a moment, they’ll be in your meeting, without having to type in the passcode.  


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