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About GlobalMeet VRC

GlobalMeet® Video Room Connector (VRC) is an optional paid feature. It lets guests participate in a GlobalMeet meeting from their video room systems.

Invite video room system guests

Video room participants can join your meeting using your meeting room's SIP URI or H.323 address (the method depends on the settings of their video room system). As the host, you must provide information to your guests to allow them to manually join. Connection details are available in your meeting room, the desktop app (as part of your meeting info), and in GlobalMeet for Outlook meeting invitations.

Meeting room view

When guests join from a video room system, their video stream is immediately shared in the meeting (unless there are already six webcams on stage). Each video room system gets its own video stream, just like other GlobalMeet participants. Video room guests have their own row in the Guests list; the name is taken from the video system settings.

Active talker highlights the video stream when the video conference room participants speak.

Host view with VRC and webcams

Video conference room view

The following example shows a VRC guest's view of the meeting room. Depending on your video conferencing system setup, you might see your local camera view in a small thumbnail or on a second monitor.

Guest view with webcams

When the host or presenter is screen sharing, video streams are displayed above the meeting stage.

Guest view with screen share

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