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Connect audio using VoIP

You can use your computer and Internet connection to talk in the meeting. VoIP audio features improve vocal clarity, background noise suppression, and spatial audio separation to make it easier to understand who is talking.

Note: Firefox users must allow access to their microphone to connect audio using VoIP.

To use computer audio:

  1. Select Use my computer and then click Continue to set up your audio preferences.

    Connect Audio - Use VoIP

  2. Select the mic and speaker to use, and then talk to make sure your mic is working correctly.
    • To test your speaker, click Play test tone. If you cannot hear the tone, adjust the volume and check that your speaker is not muted.
    • If you need extra time to get situated when you enter the meeting, select Mute my mic after connecting. Don't forget to unmute your mic before talking.

    Mic and Speaker Settings

    Note: Click the ? in the top right corner for audio connection help and tips.

  3. Click Connect Me to confirm your settings, enter the meeting, and connect your meeting audio.

    When your audio is connected, the mic button on the meeting controls turns blue.

    Audio Connected

    You can click the mic button to mute and unmute your line.

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