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Connect your audio

Whether you start your own meeting or join another meeting, the next step is connecting to meeting audio.

Connect Audio

You can use your Internet connection for VoIP meeting audio when available, have the meeting call your phone, or dial in to the meeting.


  • Use my computer to talk and listen through a connected headset (recommended) or your computer's mic and speakers.
  • Use my phone to have the meeting call you at a phone number you enter. No need to memorize an access number or passcode.

Note: If you want to dial in to the meeting, click Use my phone to view access numbers and passcodes.

Click Don't connect audio to enter the meeting now without connecting audio. Just click the microphone button on the meeting toolbar to connect later.

Once you have connected your audio, the mic button shows your audio status and type of connection:

  • A green mic indicates an active phone connection
  • A blue mic indicates an active VoIP audio connection and displays your speaking volume level
  • A red mic indicates that you are muted
  • A red speaker indicates that your audio is not connected
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