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Have the meeting call you

If you prefer to use your phone instead of a computer, have the meeting call you. Just enter a phone number or select a previously used number and GlobalMeet calls you and connects you to the meeting. No need to memorize an access number or passcode.

Tip: If you cannot receive a direct call, select Use my phone and then click Dial-in to view a list of access numbers and passcode so that you can dial in from any phone.

To have the meeting call you:

  1. Select Use my phone and then click Continue.

    Use my phone

  2. Select the number for GlobalMeet to use to call you:
    • When connecting your audio for the first time, enter your phone number. If needed, select a country to set the correct country code or enter a phone extension.

      Call me

    • If GlobalMeet has called you previously, select a number for GlobalMeet to call from the dropdown.

    • If you need GlobalMeet to call you at a new number, click Enter a new number.

      Enter new number

  3. Click Call me to enter the meeting.
  4. GlobalMeet calls you at the number entered. Answer the call and follow instructions to connect to the meeting.

    When your audio is connected, the mic button on the meeting controls turns green.

    Audio connected

    You can click the mic button to mute and unmute your line.

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